Papermoon Puppet Theatre 1200° (Twelve Hundred Degrees)

Papermoon Puppet Theatre 1200° (Twelve Hundred Degrees)
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Day 2 | Japanese Audience
25 July 2021 | 11.30AM (GMT +7)
IDR 150.000

Saturday, 24 July 2021 19:00

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Performance Date :

International Audience | Saturday, July 24th 2021 (SOLD OUT)
7 PM (GMT+7)   (Yogyakarta/ Bangkok time)
8 PM (GMT+7)   (Singapore time)
9 PM (GMT+7)   (Tokyo time)
1 PM (GMT+7)   ( London time)
2 PM (GMT+7)   (Amsterdam time)
10 PM (GMT+7) (Melbourne time)
8 AM (GMT+7)   (New York time)

Japanese Audience | Sunday, July 25th 2021
11.30 AM (GMT+7)  (Yogyakarta/ Bangkok time)
1.30 PM (GMT+7)   (Tokyo time)


1200° is a cinematic non-verbal puppetry and pottery performance with ASMR sounds.

Papermoon Puppet Theatre had a new experimentation on medium, and in 1200° , all of the puppets they made were made out of ceramic.

In this piece, they embraced the sound from the materials, from surroundings. The piece would like to give the audience time to pause and to appreciate every little sound around through ASMR sounds they used.

1200° is a story about pursuing a dream, how a creation tries to make itself… itself.



A little head made out of clay woke up, and found that the body parts that were put for it, was not what was supposed to be. The little head tried to dig, to find the body parts that would meet its expectation. With lots of help from its friends, the little head had a journey to be comforted by its own choices.

1200° was premiered as part of the closing Program Peduli by The Asia Foundation. Program Peduli was initiated by The Asia Foundation to facilitate and empower marginal communities in Indonesia, including transgender communities, people with different abilities, indigenous people who live in Indonesian jungle, etc.

Papermoon Puppet Theatre started the process of 1200° by doing workshop with transgender communities in Yogyakarta.

People’s comments:

“very clever combination between materials and theme!”

“Because it is a non verbal piece, it allowed audiences to build their own stories. Awesome!”


“All puppets are so real!”

“Those details in the sounds.. are AMAZING!”


“Vulnerable yet beautiful”.

“a heartwarming performance”

“it brought much deeper meaning than it seems”

“by seeing the performance live, or a cinematic like this one, Papermoon always touches people’s heart”



Artistic Director & story by :
Maria Tri Sulistyani

Puppet engineer :
Anton Fajri

Puppeteers & puppet builders :

Maria Tri Sulistyani, Anton Fajri , Beni Sanjaya,Pambo Priyojati

Ceramic Studio:
Buntari Studio

drawings by :
Iwan Effendi

music composer :
Yennu Ariendra

Videographer, DOP, video editor
Rangga Yudhistira

Artistic crew :
Rusli Hidayat




Thank you for your reservation to “1200° (Twelve Hundred Degrees)” by Papermoon Puppet Theatre.

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  7. You are not allowed to record or share any recording of this show.
  8. We recommend you to use bigger screen for a better experience on watching the performance.
  9. Choose room with dimmed lights for a better watching experience .


There will a discussion session with Papermoon Puppet Theatre members. Please follow these rules during the discussion:

  1. Please use the “chat feature” to ask or give a comment.
  2. Our moderator will allow you to ask directly to the Papermoon Puppet Theatre members.
  3. If such event occurs, you are allowed to turn on your microphone and camera after the moderator call your name.
  4. Please be mindful with your questions and comments.


See you at our show and thank you.


Best Regards,

Papermoon Puppet Theatre

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